Need Leadership Development for Your Entire Team?

Our workshop options can bring leadership development to your team or be delivered virtually depending on the makeup of your team

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You should be asking yourself, what’s in it for us if we participate in a leadership workshop. Let me tell you about the workshop you’ll experience.


Every workshop starts with a benchmark quotient for the leadership effectiveness of every person on your team. These benchmark measurements will be incorporated into a team scoreboard.

The leadership effectiveness quotients and the scoreboard will be updated following the workshop and available to your team beyond the workshop.


The leadership content of our workshops focuses on the four critical elements of effective leadership - credibility, competence, motive, and relationships. The content includes educational material as well as step-by-step application of learned leadership principles.

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We have...

Military Leadership Experience

Many view the US military as the pinnacle of leadership experience. We have that and offer it to you without the hassle of having to go through boot camp on Parris Island.

Master's Degrees in Leadership

Leadership is learned in the classroom, not just on the battlefield or in the boardroom. We bring high levels of formal education to your efforts to improve leadership.

Corporate Executive Experience

We aren't just classroom students, we have decades of corporate executive experience. This ensures your leadership struggles have been experienced and overcame.

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Our Workshop Content Measures and Improves The Four Main Elements of Leadership

The four elements make up our Leadership Equation, the mathematical equation used by our Leadership Calculator.


This is your track record of success. Your team needs a feeling of confidence you can lead them to success. You'll learn how to increase your credibility rapidly. It doesn't take decades to build up a history of success.


This is your level of knowledge and experience. Knowledge and experience to the subject matter relevant to your team and of general leadership improve your team's perception of your competence.


This is your personal reason for being a leader. When your team questions your motive, your leadership effectiveness is greatly decreased. You'll learn to clearly define and communicate your motives, eliminating all questions.


This is the level of relationship you have with teammates. Leadership is about relationships. Unfortunately, many struggle with establishing meaningful relationships. You'll be guided step-by-step through the process of building great team relationships.

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We bring our workshop to you

To make leadership development as simple for you as possible, we bring our workshops to you. We can utilize an internal meeting area or a local offsite location convenient for your team. These onsite workshops run two consecutive days.

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We also offer virtual workshops

Times have certainly changed and we've changed with them. The Marine Corps calls this improvising, adapting, and overcoming. We can deliver your workshop virtually via Zoom. This workshop option consists of one-hour sessions over five to seven consecutive weeks.

Thank You for Your Interest in Our Group Leadership Workshop

We will respond quickly with the next steps in exploring our workshop options to address your leadership needs.