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Welcome to the Rookie Leaders Podcast. The podcast of veteran leaders offering leadership lessons to newbies. Whether you’re brand new to leadership or expanding your leadership responsibilities, this podcast will provide the knowledge and experience you need to lead courageously and effectively. Each week on the Rookie Leaders Podcast, you’ll hear:

  • Real stories of leadership growth
  • High caliber guests with proven leadership experience
  • Focused actions you can take to improve your leadership


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Listen to our latest episodes:

🎧 33 min listen

100 - Rookie Leaders Story

🎧 47 min listen

099 - Imposter Syndrome with Olivia Carter

🎧 36 min listen

098 - How To Fire A Team Member

🎧 33 min listen

097 - How To Recognize Good Leadership

🎧 21 min listen

096 - Are Politicians Good Leaders?

🎧 21 min listen

095 - First Action For Every New Leader
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I believe leadership should positively impact lives, not just business results.

Michael Tanner

Host of The Rookie Leaders Podcast

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