109 - How To Minimize Negativity

Do you struggle with negativity in your team? Do you often hear comments like “that won’t work because…” from team members? Or maybe you feel a real struggle to energize or excite your team about the goal you're working to achieve.

Negativity can be a cancer that robs your team of productivity, efficiency, and success. You can minimize, even eliminate, negativity in your team. You can remove this obstacle that prevents your team from achieving goals.

The key to doing so is focus. Focus is a simple concept. The difficult aspect of focus is identifying what to focus on. In this episode, I’ll identify exactly what you need to focus on in order to minimize, even eliminate, negativity in your team.

Show Outline

  • Why Negativity Must Be Removed
    • If you say you can or can’t, you’re right
    • Contagious
    • Often grounded in fear, not reality
  • Focus
    • Not on what you don’t have
    • Focus on what you have
  • How to shift focus
    • Not a covert operation
    • Acknowledge what you don’t have, but don’t dwell on it
    • List everything you do have
  • Benefits
    • Shift to positive mindset
    • More efficient plans
    • Justifications for more
  • Why not just fire negative team members?
    • Negativity will persist
    • New hires will also turn negative if negativity isn’t addressed properly

Resources Mentioned

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