108 - How To Take A Proper Vacation

Have you ever tried to take a family vacation, but your vacation turned into a frustrating repeat of you responding to office emails, answering urgent phone calls, or trying to pull away from your laptop to spend time with your family?

I’ve been there. I’ve done that. I’ve had family vacations that I worried would end in divorce because I just couldn’t seem to devote my attention to my family while on vacation.

I understand the pressures of being a leader and the struggles of taking some time “actually” away from your team.

Your vacation time doesn’t have to follow the pattern of my past vacations. You can take a vacation of complete rest and relaxation. You can leave the laptop and phone at home, and enjoy a vacation worry-free with your family. Most importantly, you can do this without your team or business suffering from your absence. I’m going to tell you how in this episode.

Show Outline:

  • Prepare ahead of time
    • Delegate
    • Define escalations
    • Out of office message (email & phone)
  • Maintain normal disciplines
    • Morning routines
    • Exercise
    • Keeps mind active
  • Have fun
    • Say yes philosophy
    • Do new things
    • Fun rejuvenates you
  • Properly plan your return
    • No meetings first day back
    • New out-of-office responder
    • Visit your team members 

Resources Mentioned:

The Leadership Calculator

The Leadership Accelerator