107 - How To Be An Excellent Leader

Every leader wants to be an excellent leader. But the loneliness and isolation of being at the “top” can make excellence feel like mission impossible.

Aaron Walker has been in small business and community leadership for over 42 years. Aaron joins me on the podcast to share the secret to defeating isolation and loneliness as a leader.

It doesn’t have to feel lonely at the top.

Aaron says isolation is the enemy of excellence. In this podcast episode, he will share the secret to leadership excellence.

Hello Friend. This is the Rookie Leaders podcast. It’s the podcast offering leadership lessons to newbies.

My name is Michael Tanner, and with 30 years of leadership experience, it is my mission is to help YOU become the leader everyone loves and wants to follow. So YOU can positively impact business results and the lives of those you lead.

  • Personal Takeaways

    • I’d rather fail in front of a few than everyone
    • Vulnerability is key to success
    • No one pushes through a ceiling alone
    • If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with someone.
    • Get into a group now, not when a crisis hits

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