105 - Dealing With A Workplace Bully

Do you have a workplace bully on your team? Have you dealt with that bully yet? Are you worried about the impact this bully is having on the rest of your team?

Dealing with a workplace bully is difficult and scary - especially for a leader that doesn’t like conflict.

But it doesn’t have to be difficult or scary, and it doesn’t have to lead to firing the bully. In this episode, I will share my experience in dealing with workplace bullies.

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My name is Michael Tanner, and with 30 years of leadership experience, it is my mission is to help YOU become the leader everyone loves and wants to follow. So YOU can positively impact business results and the lives of those you lead.

Before we start dealing with workplace bullies, let me quickly make you aware of our Leadership Calculator. You are listening to this podcast because you want to improve your leadership. To improve your leadership, you must first measure it. Our free calculator provides you with an objective leadership score and details for improving your leadership based on your result. 

I’ll share more about our Leadership Calculator after the show notes, but for now, let’s talk about dealing with workplace bullies.

Show Outline:

  • Shout-out to Ashley
  • Not physical bullying or harrasment
  • Story of new team member (not recruited, inherited) with specific technical skill our team was moving into.
  • Personality was abrasive, impatient, arrogant
  • Other team members offended, wanted bully fired
  • Consider the Golden Rule - episode 103
  • Establish policy regarding bullying
  • Address bully privately
    • Confront the actions or behavior, not the person
    • Explain the policy
    • Explain the impact to team and performance
    • Explain the consequences if it continues
    • Create a plan of improvement

If you need to deal with a workplace bully or you want to be prepared to do so, then start with our Leadership Calculator so you can understand how to establish those all-important relationships and pure motives we talked about earlier! All you have to do is head over to theleadershipcalculator.com.

Until I speak with you again next time, remember that I love you because that is what leaders do, and want you to be blessed & lead well.


Resources Mentioned:

The Leadership Calculator

The Leadership Accelerator