102 - Does Your Team Know You Believe In Them?

In a recent parenting failure, I learned a really important leadership lesson. This lesson is related to the question if your team knows that you believe in them.

Do you believe in your team’s ability to succeed? Do they know you believe in them?

Our youngest son just graduated from high school. On the night before his graduation ceremony, he and I were sitting on the front porch going over the logistics of the next day. He half-jokingly made the comment to me, “I bet you never thought this day would come.”

You see, school does not come naturally or easily for our youngest son. He took after me, rather than his mom, in this case. I brushed the comment off with the response, “of course I knew you would graduate.”

It was later that night that it occurred to me, “my son isn’t aware that I believe in him.” His comment was only half-joking. The other half was truly a question in his mind. I had to make it right. I had to have a good conversation with him letting him know just how confident I am in his ability to succeed.

Again I ask you, does your team know you believe in them?

What if you really don’t believe in them?

This is your fault as a leader. You can’t fake belief in them. If you don’t believe in their ability to succeed, you must train them, educate them, & lead them in a way that brings you confidence in their ability.

How to express your belief in your team.

Be explicit

Be specific

Be consistent


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