098 - How To Fire A Team Member

Firing a team member is a difficult situation, especially for a new leader that has never done it before. There is no advice I can give you that will make it easy, but there are ways to ensure you do it correctly.

In this podcast episode, we will talk about why it’s important you fire a team member correctly, why you would need to fire a team member, and then how to actually fire them.

Why Firing Correctly Is Important

  1.  Right thing to do
  2.  Impacts remaining team members
  3.  Protects the team and business

Why You Would Need To Fire A Team Member

  1. Poor individual performance
  2. Poor business performance
  3. Legal or ethical violation

How To Fire A Team Member

  1.  Gather supporting evidence
  2.  Align the support needed
  3.  Stay focused on activity, not the person
  4.  Avoid discussions
  5.  Maintain their dignity
  6.  Address the remaining team


Resources Mentioned:

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