I Want You To Win At Home

I’m a family guy. My family is far more important than any job, title, or team will ever be. My worst fear would be success in my career, but failing to keep my family together and secure.

I firmly believe the message so many will preach regarding winning at home first. There are countless books and articles written on the importance of prioritizing your family over your work. Sign me up! I’m all in! I’m committed to winning at home first.

But, as a leader at the office, I can’t assume every member of my team is of the same mindset. It’s so easy to get caught up in the rat race that is career advancement and promotion. The addiction to work and the attention success at work garners is a real thing.

So what can I do, as their leader, to help my teammates win at home?

I can’t control how intentional and purposeful my teammates are about their home life, but I certainly can control their work lives. And the quality of their work-life will set them up for success or failure at home. Let me explain how I can help my team win at home.


If the culture and environment of our team at work fosters a positive attitude, every team member will leave the office with a positive attitude. Having spent approximately eight hours with teammates that have a “can do,” cooperative, uplifting, and positive attitude won’t quickly wear off before a person gets home.

On the other hand, spending eight hours among a dysfunctional team full of bitterness, distrust, gossip, and negativity will certainly influence a team member's attitude when they reach home. Members of these types of teams get home worn down, sluggish, mentally exhausted, and emotionally bankrupt.

Now, you tell me, which of these team members is best equipped to win at home? The guy that brings a positive attitude home or the lady that drags in the burden of negativity with her? As a leader, you are directly responsible for the condition in which you send your team members home.


Accomplishing a goal provides a sense of pride. Successful completion of a goal builds confidence. Facing a challenge together, no matter how tough, and defeating it, makes for stronger and more resilient team members.

Failure, especially repeated failure, is demoralizing. Failure takes a direct hit on the business, financials, and well-being of every single team member. Team members soon lose all confidence they can accomplish anything positive.

Again I ask you, which of these team members is best equipped to win at home? Push your team. Make aggressive goals. But, as their leader, you must be totally committed to accomplishing those goals with your team. Their confidence at home is directly associated with the confidence you build in them at work.


Winning is contagious. Winning breeds more winning. Once a person or a team taste victory, they are driven for more. Their commitment to winning reaches all-new levels with every victory.

Losing can also be contagious. The frustration and desperation that come with losing are hard to shake. That same frustration spills over into other efforts and areas of life causing, you guessed it, more losing.

You know what I’m going to ask now. As their leader, which of these two team members have you set up for success at home. You are the leader. Lead them to victory. This is their only hope of taking commitment to victory home with them.

So what?

I’m as equally committed to helping my team win at home as I am committed to my own success at home. I can’t control how my team behaves at home, but I can rest well at night knowing I’ve sent them home prepared to win at home.

This is why I’m so passionate about teaching leaders to lead effectively. I care little about the titles or promotions my leadership students might obtain. However, I care greatly about the team members they will influence and ultimately assist in winning at home. I’m not impressed by a title. However, a family photo or story of a fun, family outing over the weekend will bring tears to my eyes.

This level of devotion to the cause is what helps me make bold challenges to my leadership community.

I challenge you to…

  • be more committed to winning at home than I am
  • be more committed to your success as a leader than I am
  • be more committed to leading your team well than I am

Are you up for the challenge? Join us at the Credible Leadership Group as we face this challenging journey of leadership together. We will win at work and AT HOME.

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