How do you measure leadership effectiveness?

“What gets measured gets improved.” -Peter Drucker

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We Do 2 Things

Measure Leadership Effectiveness

We've taken the mystery out of measuring leadership effectiveness. Our Leadership Calculator provides a clear and objective measurement of leadership.

Measure My Leadership

Improve Leadership Effectiveness

Once measured, we provide the training and step-by-step instructions needed to improve leadership effectiveness for any individual or organization.

Improve My Leadership

You Don't Have To Struggle With Leadership

(your own or that of your organization)

So many businesses and teams struggle to improve, get ahead, or just keep up with their industry and competition. They feel stuck behind a wall of underperformance. More often than not, this hopeless situation is due to poor leadership. But you don't have to remain stuck in your hopelessness.

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You can...

Have Confidence in Your Leadership

Stop losing sleep over concerns your team isn't capable of success.

See Marked Improvement in Team Performance

Engage and energize your team with performance improvements.


Winning at work and in life is certainly possible with better leadership.

With a servant leadership attitude, we are committed to your success

We will do whatever it takes to equip you and your team to properly measure and significantly improve your leadership effectiveness.

We have...

Military Leadership Experience

Many view the US military as the pinnacle of leadership experience. We have that and offer it to you without the hassle of having to go through boot camp on Parris Island.

Master's Degrees in Leadership

Leadership is learned in the classroom, not just on the battlefield or in the boardroom. We bring high levels of formal education to your efforts to improve leadership.

Corporate Executive Experience

We aren't just classroom students, we have decades of corporate executive experience. This ensures your leadership struggles have been experienced and overcame.

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